A Deadly Inheritance by Jane McParkes- Book review/Blog Tour

I’m so pleased to be part of the Random Things Blog tour for Deadly Inheritance by Jane McParkes- a murder mystery set in Cornwall.

When Olivia Wells returns to Creekside, Cornwall, intent on fulfilling her bequest of cultivating a co-working community of eco and creative entrepreneurs in a renovated railway building, she soon finds opposition, sabotage and the murdered body of her friend.She has to put her trust in an unlikely ally to help her investigate exactly who is threatening the success of her ventures, her liberty and ultimately, her life.


A Deadly Inheritance by Jane McParkes is a cosy murder mystery set in a little village in Cornwall- a village on the verge of major change. A village that has to deal with very modern issues and challenges.

Olivia and Jago are the two main point of view characters and reluctant amateur detectives. Olivia has returned to the picturesque village she grew up from her glamourous life as an architect in New York when her Godfather suddenly dies. She has been tasked by her Godfather will to carry out changes to the old station to make it a sustainable modern place for people to use. Unfortunately, she finds her the main suspect after she has shouting match with the victim and has to clear her name

Jago is Olivia’s friend with a hidden side to him that did catch me by surprise and is one of a range of colourful and interesting characters- all of whom have a motive. The village of Penbarth is a character in its own right and the author captured the tension between people who have lived in the villagers and new people who have come to the village in their own way. The mystery behind the murder and motive was intriguing and I had to finish the book to see if I was right.

This was quick, easy and entertaining read with a bit of an edge when it comes Olivia’s backstory and past.  I have to admit I was desperate to try some of the freshly baked bread with feta after reading the author’s description!

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to read a good, non-gory murder mystery in a gorgeous setting.

Perfect for Fans

 Emma Davies, L J Ross and Sarah Yarwood-Lovett.

About the author

Jane believes she was always destined to be a crime writer. As a child she was an avid reader of the Famous Five and any other mysteries she could find at the local library. Her first commercial success came when she was 8 years old with the publication of a letter to the Bunty comic about her grandfather digging up a small handgun and two gold hoop earrings in his garden and suggesting they were connected with an unsolved murder. From that moment she wanted to be a writer. Things like life, career, marriage, motherhood and illness got in the way, but that initial ambition never died. After years of secret scribbling, lots of reading and one other small success in flash fiction, Jane began writing A Deadly Inheritance. A cancer diagnosis and the Covid epidemic eventually focused her mind on finishing her novel, and she enjoyed writing as a means of escape from the grim reality of what was going on in the world. A Deadly Inheritance is the first book in a new series and combines Jane’s love of Cornwall, murder mysteries and her interest the environment, sustainability and creativity.


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