I love reading  especially science fiction and fantasy but will read any book including historical fiction, mysteries, thrillers, and non-fiction ( well any book except romance). If I’m not reading, I’m usually running slowly, crocheting, or watching fantasy or sci-fi on tv while trying to finish writing my book.

Why create another blog about books?

During the pandemic, I was desperate to find books that were part of a good series or trilogy after devouring the Witcher books which I didn’t expect to like. I love the feeling of finishing a book and knowing that I can pick up the next book and fall back into the same world with the same characters but there was little out there.

 So I thought why not start a blog about books in series, duology, or trilogy- which ones to read, which ones to avoid, which book to stop at when the series loses its way, and which ones to keep reading even though the first book isn’t so good.

I will be reviewing new books and series, some old ones and some really old ones, and hope I can find some new books along the way.

Do you have any recommendations or ideas on good fantasy or science fiction series or trilogies?