The Simple Truth by James Buckler- Book review/Blog Tour

I’m pleased to be part of the Random Things Tours Blog Tour for The Simple Truth by James Buckler- a fast-paced thriller set in London.

A young woman is dead.

A very wealthy client needs a favour. You newly qualified as a lawyer and this could be your big break, so you jump at the chance.

The case is about to be closed.

All you have to do is talk to a family, ask them to sign some papers. How difficult could it be? Their daughter was found dead at a beauty spot on the outskirts of London in what you told was a tragic suicide.

Only you can uncover what really happened.

But the truth is never that simple. And this case could cost you your life…


I enjoyed The Simple Truth by James Buckler- a fast-paced murder thriller set in the not-so-glossy legal world and the criminal underbelly of London.

I received a copy of this book for a free and unbiased opinion.

Lewis is an ambitious yet idealistic lawyer from a working-class background trying to succeed in a posh and privileged world where he is an outsider, He jumps at the chance to prove himself in what should be a simple signing of an NDA but finds his values and loyalties are challenged. Lewis’s journey from a man trying to be a typical city lawyer to a man who is comfortable being who he is was a heart-warming journey in what could have been a cynical book on the power of wealth.

The book is contemptuous and relevant to the times we live with its background of environmental issues, corruption and politics.

The underlying murder- the mystery is complex with plenty of suspects and motives – I didn’t guess who the murderer was right till the end when several threads converge quite neatly.

The Simple Truth was engaging, easy and quick (for me) read– I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys tightly-paced thrillers and mysteries.

Content Warning

Drug Misuse, References to Suicide, grief at the loss of an adult child, references to parental abandonment.

About the Author

James Buckler lives in London. He has worked in film and TV for many years, most notably for MTV and BBC Films. His first thriller, Last Stop Tokyo, published to critical acclaim. The Simple Truth is his second novel.

Dragonfly Summer by J. H Moncrieff- Book review/Booktour

I’m so pleased to be part of the Randon Thing Tours blog tour for Dragonfly Summer by J H Moncrief- a twisty, psychological mystery.

No small town’s secrets can stay buried for long. Moncrieff digs into the treachery of memory and the power of female friendships.
Dragonfly Summer is a gripping thriller that asks: What happens when the past comes back to haunt you?
Jo Carter never thought she’d return to Clear Springs, Minnesota. But when the former journalist receives a cryptic note about the disappearance of her friend Sam twenty years before, she’s compelled to find out what really happened. During her investigation, she learns another high school friend has died in a mysterious accident. Nothing is as it seems, and Jo must probe Clear Springs’ darkest corners and her own painful and unreliable memories to discover the truth – and save herself from the killer who could still be on the hunt.
Deliciously twisty and suspenseful from the first minute to the last, Dragonfly Summer proves that no small town’s secrets can stay buried for good.


 I really enjoyed this twisty psychological mystery and I’m so pleased that Dragon Summer B H Moncrieff is the first thriller I’m reviewing on my newly expanded blog.

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The Vicious Circle by Katherine St John – Book review and Blog tour.

I’m so pleased to be part of Random Things Tours  Blog tour for The Vicious Circle by Katherine St John. Here is my review of this twisty thriller that will appeal to fans of Lianne Moriarty.

On a river deep in the Mexican jungle stands the colossal villa Xanadu, a wellness center that’s home an ardent spiritual group devoted to self-help guru Paul Bentzen and his enigmatic wife Kali. But when Paul mysteriously dies, his entire estate—including Xanadu—is left not to Kali, but to his estranged niece Sveta.
Shocked and confused, Sveta travels from New York City to Mexico to pay her respects. At first, Xanadu seems like a secluded paradise with its tumbling gardens, beautiful people, and transcendent vibe. But soon the mystical façade wears thin, revealing a group of brainwashed members drunk on promises of an impossible utopia, guided by a disturbing belief system and a charismatic, dangerously capable leader.
As the sinister forces surrounding Sveta become apparent, she realizes, too late, she can’t escape. Frantic and terrified, she discovers her only chance of survival is to put her confidence in the very person she trusts the least. 


A perfect paradise? Or a perfect nightmare?

This is the perfect tagline for The Vicious Circle by Katherine St John-a twisty thriller set in a wellness centre in the middle of nowhere.

I received a copy  for a free and unbiased opinion

Sveta is the first person narrator- a former model who is desperately trying to change herself so her Fiance’s rich family will finally accept her. Things come to a head when her future mother-in-law interferes with her wedding plans but then she finds out from her former teenage lover Lucas that she has inherited her Uncle’s ( Shiva/Paul) entire estate which

ironically makes her much richer than her fiance’s family. But she has to go to Xanadu to deal with her Uncle’s ‘wife’ Kali who has inherited nothing but of course claims she has a right to the estate.

The author has created a suitably creepy place in Xanadu 

with the apparently happy people who live. The tension seeps off the pages with each new rule or mantra the people of Xanadu come up with and I just wanted to tell Sveta to run.

Kali was an intriguing character and I was never quite sure whether she was good or bad right up to the last third.

The plot races along with plenty of action,mystery and enough red herrings to make Sveta doubt everyone which ramps up the tension even more.

I enjoyed the book but I don’t think I will be booking a weekend in a remote wellness centre anytime soon!

Content warning

References to underage sex, drug use,eating disorders

Perfect for Fans of

For fans of Lucy Foley and Liane Moriarty.

About the Author

Katherine St. John is a native of Mississippi, graduate of the University of Southern California, and author of The Lion’s Den and The Siren.
When she’s not writing, she can be found hiking or on the beach with a good book.Katherine lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and two children.