The Body at Carnival Bridge by Michelle Salter- Blog Tour/Book review

I’m so pleased to be part of the blog tour for The Body at Carnival Bridge by Michelle Salterr- historical murder mystery.

It’s 1922 , and after spending a year travelling through Europe, Iris Woodmore returns home to find a changed Walden. Wealthy businesswoman Constance Timpson has introduced equal pay in her factories and allows women to retain their jobs after they marry.
But these radical new working practices have made her deadly enemies.
A mysterious sniper fires a single shot at Constance – is it a warning, or did they shoot to kill? When one of her female employees is murdered, it’s clear the threat is all too real – and it’s not just Constance in danger.
As amateur sleuth Iris investigates, she realises the sniper isn’t the only hidden enemy preying on women.


I was so excited to read the third book in the Iris Woodmore historical murder mysteries and The Body at Carnival Bridge by Michelle Salter lived up to my expectations.

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I received a copy of this book for a free and unbiased opinion.

I’ve become more invested in Iris’s complicated personal life ( family, professional and love life) over the course of the last three books. Iris has returned to Walden following her scandalous trip away with George and now has the reputation of a fallen woman. A big thing in 1922 England, despite the efforts of the suffragette movement and the hard work women had to take on in World War 1. I love how Iris is a reluctant and conflicted feminist.

I enjoyed the diverse range of characters including the romantic and realistic description of romantic relationships between older people and not just the complicated love lives of the young.

Although this is a murder mystery, I found the underlying historical and societal context more fascinating. As with the author’s other books, the issues described in the book such as equal pay for women, the right to access safe, effective contraception and equal opportunities in the workplace are still relevant today.

Despite this, the underlying murder is suitably complex with plenty of motives and suspects for Iris to wade through along with her friends Percy, Constance and Ben.

Perfect for Fans of

Murder at Waldenmere Lake ( review here) and Death at Crookham Hall ( review here) by Michelle Salter.

Murder at Waldenmere Lake by Michelle Salter- Book review

Here is my review of Murder at  Waldenmere Lake by Michelle Salter- historical murder mystery.

Walden, 1921. Local reporter Iris Woodmore is determined to save her beloved lake, Waldenmere, from destruction.

After a bloody and expensive war, the British Army can’t afford to keep the lake and build a convalescent home on its shores yet they still battle with Walden Council and a railway company for ownership. But an old mansion used as an officer training academy stands where the railway company plans to build a lakeside hotel. It belongs to General Cheverton – and he won’t leave his home.

When the General is found murdered, it appears someone will stop at nothing to win the fight for Waldenmere. Iris thinks she can take on the might of the railway company and find the killer. But nothing prepares her for the devastation that’s to come…


I enjoyed Murder at Waldenmere by Michelle Salter- a historical murder mystery set in 1921 and the second book of the Iris Woodmore mysteries( link to review to the first book below)

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Death at Crookham Hall by Michelle Salter – Book review and Blog Tour

I’m pleased to be part of the Racheal’s Random Resources Blog Tour for Death at Crookham Hall by Michelle Salter.

A fatal jump. A missing suffragette. An inexplicable murder. 

London, 1920. When she catches news of a big story, reporter Iris Woodmore rushes to the House of Commons. But it’s a place that holds painful memories. In 1914, her mother died there when she fell into the River Thames during a daring suffragette protest. But in the shadow of Big Ben, a waterman tells Iris her mother didn’t fall – she jumped. 

Iris discovers that the suffragette with her mother that fateful day has been missing for years, disappearing just after the protest. Desperate to know the truth behind the fatal jump, Iris’s investigation leads her to Crookham Hall, an ancestral home where secrets and lies lead to murder…


Death at Crookham Hall by Michelle Salter is a murder mystery set just after World War I, just after women won the right to vote (some women anyway) and were just beginning to step into a world outside of marriage and babies.

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