Review policy

Thank you for visiting my blog and review page.

Please note at the current time, I am being selective about the books I accept. Please send a request through and I will let you know.

There are probably about a million book blogs out there, so I imagine there isn’t going to many requests for book reviews, so I don’t have a formal book review policy. But if you do want a book reviewed, please send me a short message with a brief description of the book including genre and when you would like the review published( eg close to publication date)

My current turnaround time is 6 to 8 months from receiving the book or request unless the request is part of a blog or publicity tour.

I tend to read book in these genres .
Science fiction
Historical fiction
Speculative fiction

But I love reading, so also read Crime and Thrillers – if your book is a crime or thriller., I may review the book on my blog , Amazon UK,Goodreads and waterstones.

But will not accept erotica, non-fiction. pure romance as well as books with violence or abuse towards children.

I will accept books in the following formats

.MOBI( for Kindles)

Physical copies

If you book is available on Kindle Unlimited, please let me know as I will access the book from there.

Reviews will be posted on

Amazon UK( if possible)


Twitter( with a link to my blog)


Waterstones UK ( please ask)

I will also accept books from indie authors as long as the books are professionally proofread and edited as well as from small, Indie and large publishers (A girl can dream!).

Please let me know if you would like to be tagged with any review or just completely positive ones .

I know how hard it is to write a book, let alone get it published and out there for the world to see, so will always try to find the positives in a book however if I don’t like the book I will let you know.

If your book doesn’t click with me or it’s a DNF, I won’t be publishing a review-it’s hard writing a book.

Thank you


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