The Hourglass Throne by K D Edwards – Book review

I’m still wrecked by that ending in The Hourglass Throne by K D Edwards- the third book in the Urban Fantasy series The Tarot Sequence. Here is my review

A powerful barrier appears around New Atlantis’s famed rejuvenation centre. But who could have created such formidable magic . . . what do they want from the immortality clinic . . . and what remains of the dozens trapped inside?
Though Rune and Brand are tasked with investigating the mysterious barrier, Rune is also busy settling into his new life at court. Claiming his father’s throne has thrown him into the precarious world of political deception, and he must secure relationships with allies in time to keep his  found family safe. His relationship with his lover, Addam, raises additional political complications they must navigate. But he and Brand  discover that the power behind the barrier holds more insidious, far-reaching threat to his family, to his people, and to the world.
Rune finds himself inexorably drawn back to the fall of his father’s court and his own torture at the hands of masked conspirators, the secrets that he has long guarded will be dragged into the light—changing the Sun Throne, and New Atlantis, forever.


This review contains spoilers for the Last Sun and The Hanged Man, There are also spoilers for The Hourglass Throne but these will appear below the heading ‘spoilers’.

The Hourglass Throne is the perfect end to the first trilogy in the nine-book urban fantasy series, The Tarot Sequence series review here, by K D Edwards and there are enough threads to continue Rune’s story.

The book can be read by itself, the important parts of The Last Sun and The Hanged Man are neatly woven through the story but I would recommend reading the first two books to truly appreciate the story and the plot twists.

The book is more diverse than the previous two books ( which was one of my small bugbears) with more, substantial and real women ( Lady Death) non-binary and queer characters of all ages ( Diana is amazing!) which makes this book an amazing read.

Rune’s character continues to grow as he takes on the mantle of The Sun throne and father figure to his ever-expanding family of found siblings, children and surrogate parents and loyal allies. His relationship with Addam has also matured and his relationship with Brand remains the same.

The underlying story of the mysterious woman who is more powerful than the Arcana and more ruthless and eviller than Rune’s previous adversaries is riveting through to the end and somehow manages to capture some of the issues in the real world. I like how covid was referenced in this book and loved how New Atlantis dealt with it. The world of New Atlantis expands and the descriptions of the subterranean world full of the people who fell between the gaps was one of my favourite parts of the book

The book is part of a nine-book series and the Hourglass Throne concludes the first trilogy and we find out a little more about Rune’s place in New Atlantis’s future. We finally found out the secret Rune has been keeping from everyone including Brand about the night his father’s court fell and it is truly heart-breaking. ( see spoiler bit for more details).

It is so annoying that I have to wait for ages for the next book.

Perfect for Fans of

The Rivers of London series, The Fetch Philips Series or Dresden Files

Content warning

References to sexual assault, rape and torture, descriptions of drug abuse.








I always thought that Ciaran seemed a little too good to be true and wondered if he was one of Rune’s masked attackers but no he is a powerful Arcana. Lord Tower was also on my list of potential suspects but I’m so glad he isn’t – that may have been a bit too dark for me- but he did sacrifice himself to save Rune which safely rules him out.

I refuse to believe Lord Tower is dead, I’m sure he will be saved from the time stream, hopefully without too much damage.

The whole spying on Rune and Brand experience is a bit creepy and explained by the prophecy possible about Rune- he may be the reason why Atlantis sinks. But who has been watching Rune and pulling the strings?

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