The Nobody people By Bob Proehl- Book Review.

I couldn’t help but notice that striking red spine with a barely visible title was curious to see if there could be a fresh take on the superhero genre. Here’s my review of The Nobody People by Bob Proehl.

Series: Resonant Duology


Unfortunately, I didn’t find the story particularly original. The  Resonants are a group of people with special abilities who have kept themselves hidden for decades but now decide to make themselves known to the world with  the usual predictable consequences.

The author’s notes that  the book was written in 2016, a complicated political period in many countries and the book is an accurate reflection of this particularly uneasy time. It is all too easy to imagine detainment camps and restrictive laws described for anyone deemed different and hence dangerous like the Resonants.

There are diverse characters in the book including older people, parents, people from different faiths, sexuality, gender and ability. The abilities are different for example the girl who pukes up silver stuff that she can make sculptures out( I’m not sure if I would ever want to own one of those!).

Avi Kirsh, is a relatable main character, a father who wants the best for his Resonant daughter but somehow keeps messing up.

The origin of the powers through resonance and how they communicate through a shared mental space called the Hive was fascinating.

The chapters from the point of view of the older characters were my favourite however Carrie’s chapters were just a bit too angsty.

I don’t think anyone well versed in superhero lore would be surprised by the story, setting or plot.

Content warning- suicide,

Perfect for Fans of

The superhero genre with a twist of political reality.


3 stars- This was an easy and interesting read and I won’t be rushing out to buy the sequel just yet but I imagine this will appeal to fans of the superhero genre.

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