Book review- The Jasmine Throne by Tasha Suri

Genre: High Fantasy

Series :Burning Kingdom

 I loved this epic fantasy influenced by Medieval India with not one but three complicated, morally grey women fighting and plotting to overthrow the patriarchy with no guilt or regret.

Princess Malini plots her escape from an inescapable temple after being imprisoned by her despot brother Chandra with the help of maidservant Priya. But Priya is a temple child- powerful in her own right and wants to save the people of Ahiranya. Together, can they save the empire of Parijat?

The good.

There are three, yes three, strong, interesting, complicated women in this amazing fantasy by Tasha Suri influenced by Medieval India. Malini, is a princess, secretly plotting a coup against her despotic brother using all her manipulative gifts to do so without any guilt of who she had to use or hurt to do so. Bhumika, a pregnant temple child of Ahiranya, and wife of the Regent of Ahiranya who plots against her husband to keep her people safe again no matter who it hurts. Priya is the maidservant who everyone wants to use to fulfil their wants but she isn’t a woman who is easily led.

Tasha Suri descriptions bring this world to life but there isn’t realms and realms of info dumps to explain the culture, food and life in Parijat but she does this through the characters words and actions. The plot never slows with lots of action, political intrigue, romance and plenty of grown-up angst. The romance between Malini and Priya is a slow burn affair and isn’t the focus of the book but does form an important part of the story.

I like a good villain, but Chandra is truly evil, a man who believes he is doing the right and just thing even when he is burning women and children.

Malini now holds a place as one of my most favourite heroines,  she is soft, gentle, physically weak but can manipulate people to do her bidding and won’t let anyone stop her. It is so refreshing to read a woman who has no qualms about doing what needs to be done with little or no regret and no guilt.

The bad

There really isn’t much. There are a few viewpoint chapters from characters for the sole reason of being killed and I wish there could have been more Bhumika chapters instead of these.

The ugly

Drugs, children deaths and of course the acceptance of this society that is fine for a woman to be burned alive for the good of the empire- truly terrifying.

Any Cliff hangers

No, but I can’t wait to read the next book

Perfect for Fans

Bone Shard Daughter, City Of Brass, Empire of Sand


5 stars plus- a book I could not put down

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