Unconquerable Sun by Kate Elliott – Book Review

Unconquerable Sun, Book 1 of the Sun Chronicles was a perfect book to lose myself with epic space battles, aliens, pollical intrigue in an eastern-based Galaxy far far away and I can’t wait to read the next instalment.

Genre: Science Fiction, space opera


I read this book last year, at the peak of the pandemic and I found myself immersed in its eastern-based Chaonia and its battles with the Phene and the Gatoi and reread the book before I read the second part.

Sun, is half Chaonian and half Yele, the daughter and heir to the Queen- Marshall but despite her military successes, she still has to defend her right to be heir against ambitious houses seeking to put their children forward as heir. The book follows her, and her companions and court as they battle enemies in dining rooms and space as well as untangling the numerous political intrigues and plots that abound.

The book has chapters from the points of view of Sun, and Aparna a Phene fighter pilot as well as a 1st person POV from Persephone Li, former space cadet and now reluctant companion to Sun.

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