Love will Tear us Apart by C. K McDonnell- Book Review.

This urban fantasy made me laugh and tense at the same time- here is my review of the amazing Love will Tear us Apart by C. K McDonell, the third book in The Stranger Times series.


I love a book that can move me to laughter, tears, fear and anger-Love will Tear us Apart by C. K McDonnell the third book in the urban fantasy series The Stranger Times was one of those books.

I received a copy of this book for a free and unbiased opinion.

The Stranger Times Crew have undergone some changes since the last book The Charming Man ( review here). Hannah has left the chaos of being an assistant editor at a newspaper dedicated to exposing the weird things that happen in this world to reconcile with her reformed ex-husband. Stella is still trying to figure out her power. Grace’s stress is on the rise when her filing system comes under scrutiny. But Banecroft has become more grumpy, angry, and more obsessed with wife’s death that can only lead him down a dark path. During all this Reggie and Ox has to figure  out which  column of many, full of conspiracy theories, published by an ex-columnist is actually true to solve his disappearance.

The humour from last two books is still evident and I couldn’t stop laughing at this book explores the pervasiveness of grief and the loss of a loved one, the cons of self-improvement at the expense of everything, loneliness and the toil that unrelenting stress at work can take. Banecroft’s desperation to find out what happened to his wife takes a dangerous turn, but I could sympathise with him even when he places his team in grave danger.

As always, the city of Manchester and its people are best part of the world building in this series including the unexpected hacker, Stanley the reforming hack, Betty the octogenarian assistant editor and of course of all of the people on Loon Day.

The mystery of Stella and her power continues, and I can’t wait to read the next book to see what happens to her and her newfound family.

Perfect for fans of

The Stranger Times ( review here)  and The Charming Man( review here) by the same author


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