Gin Palace by Tracy Whitwell- Book review

Here is my review of this Gin Palace ( Book 2 In The Accidental Medium) by Tracy  Whitwell -urban fantasy set in my favourite ‘toon’ Newcastle and Gateshead.

Ever since Tanz discovered she could speak with the dead, life has become a whole lot more interesting. But after putting herself in grave danger helping to solve a grisly murder, she’s now determined to ignore the voices and put all that nasty business behind her.
So when she’s offered another acting gig in her hometown of Newcastle, it feels like a perfect opportunity to spend some time with family and have a laugh with old friends.
But the dead won’t stay quiet for long. Soon Tanz is being drawn back into their world, and this time, the danger is much closer to home.


I was excited to read Gin Palace by Tracy Whitwell, the second book in The Accidental Medium especially as it was set in Newcastle and Gateshead, in the lovely Northeast of England.

I received a copy of the book for a free and unbiased opinion

I haven’t read the first book, but I had no difficulty getting to grips with the characters and the story, a short recap is threaded into the story helps with this. Tanz(Tania only to her Nanna) is the first person narrator as well as psychic and struggling actress.

This was an easy book to read and finished it one setting. The was lots of humour especially when the author describes life on a television set and quirks of the north-east. She does capture life in Newcastle accurately in her writing. The secondary characters are interesting and quirky in their own way and generally push the story.

I did feel the actual story took ages to get going and did feel that the conclusion was all a bit quick- this a character driven story rather than plot driven.

I did enjoy reading the book but I would have liked a bit more to the story and a little more action.

Content Warning

Attempted suicide, references to child neglect, references to death of a child


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