The Councillor by E J Beaton- Book review

I was so happy to win a copy of The Councillor by E J Beaton, a book that has been on my TBR list, and here is my review of this fantasy.

Genre: Fantasy

Source: Won in a giveaway

Series: The Councillor ( book 1)

When the death of Iron Queen Sarelin Brey fractures the realm of Elira, Lysande Prior, the palace scholar is appointed Councillor. Publically, Lysande must choose the next monarch from amongst the city-rulers vying for the throne. Privately, she seeks to discover which ruler murdered the queen.
Resourceful, analytical, and quiet, Lysande appears to embody the motto she was raised with: everything in its place. Yet while she hides her drug addiction from her new associates, she cannot hide her growing interest in power. She becomes locked in a game of strategy with the city-rulers – especially the prince Luca Fontaine, who seems to shift between ally and rival.
Further from home, an old enemy is stirring: the magic-wielding White Queen is on the move again, and her alliance with a traitor among the royal milieu poses a danger not just to the peace of the realm, but to the survival of everything that Lysande cares about.


The Councillor by E J Beaton has been on my to-read list for ages, so I was over the moon when I won a giveaway for this fantasy.

Lysande is the main point of view character ( third person )and is deliciously grey.  A woman who is unapologetically unafraid to be herself with no angst and will go after anything and anyone she wants.

Lysande is The new Councillor tasked with finding a new ruler for the Kingdom of Elira from Jale, Dante, Cassia and Luca- all of whom are not quite what they seem on the surface which isn’t great as one of them may be in league with White Queen, a magical tyrant. Lysande needs to figure out how who should be the next ruler, manage the growing violence in Elira, and find Queen Brey’s murderer and that’s before she has to cover her own drug addiction.

Unlike a lot of other fantasies, Elira is a unique fantasy world where men and women are truly equal and this made the book a joy to read- no misogyny or sexual violence.

There is plenty of action, drama, magic ( with magical people being hunted down) and violence as you would expect in any fantasy but with a good dose of political intrigue and manoeuvring.

My only slight gripe ( and it is absolutely minor ) is Lysande’s obsession with pulses especially ones in the neck, it did distract me from the story and left me wondering how Luca was so non-plussed when a woman reached out and grabbed his neck over a board game!

The underlying mystery of Queen’s death is resolved but the book has enough strands left unresolved for the next book. A book I can’t wait for.

Perfect for Fans of

The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison


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