The Emergent by Nadia Arifi- book review and blog tour

I’m so pleased to be part of the Random Things Tour blog tour for The Emergent by Nadia Arifi-science fiction thriller set in a future that doesn’t seem to distant.

Amira Valdez’s adventures continue in the sequel to The Sentient,as she finds herself in unprecedented danger. The ruthless new leader of the fundamentalist Trinity Compound seeks to understand his strange neurological connection with Amira and unleash an army on an unstable, North America. The first human clone has been born, but thanks to the mysterious scientist Tony Barlow, it may unlock the secret to human immortality– or disaster. Together, Amira and Barlow form an uneasy  alliance in pursuit of scientific breakthroughs and protection from shared enemies. But new discoveries uncover dark secrets that Barlow wants to keep hidden.


The Emergent by Nadia Arifi is a sequel but you don’t need to read The Sentient to enjoy or understand this fast-paced science fiction set in a slightly dystopian US of the future. In fact, I haven’t read the first book but I had no problems following the story or understanding the characters from the start.

The world-building is interesting and easy to understand after a few chapters- this book covers a lot of ground with cloning, what happens to consciousness after death, space travel, religion, evil scientists and my favourite- a visual memory reading machine.

The story is told in the third person point of view from Amira- an ambitious scientist and former runaway from one of the compounds ( a walled religious community where women’s rights have been completely trampled). I found it hard to like Amira at the start as she seemed a bit too ambitious and blind to what was happening but I did want her to succeed. Amira, I felt was written well- a real woman with flaws and strengths. The secondary characters were equally diverse and the evil scientists were more nuanced than usual with their motives being more grey than black and white.

The plot races along but explores issues around consent to experimentation, women’s rights, abuses of science and religion which seem to be relevant in today’s strange climate.

I will be reading the next book to find out what happens to Amira after that ending!

Perfect for fans 

I would recommend the book to anyone who enjoys thought-provoking science-fiction with a cracking story.

Content warning

Forced pregnancy, forced experimentation

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