Island of Time by Davis Burn- Book Review

I was hooked by this time-bending, urban fantasy. Here is my review of Island of Time by Davis Burn

Jackson Burnett along with his new colleague Krys works in the Geneva branch of Interpol tasked with policing magic which is a bit of a dud job as magic has been illegal in Switzerland for years. So, it is a bit of a shock to be paired up with Luca Tami, a blind talent, in solving the murder of a family and then finding that the crime has been magically written out of existence.

Now Jackson has to work with Luca, a man he does not trust to solve a crime that no longer exists, with magic that is illegal and try to survive.


I received a copy of the book for a free and unbiased opinion

The story is told from Jackson’s point of view in the third person, and he was a character I could root for brave, loyal, honest and sensible. I could empathise with him when he encounters each new and weird twist. You can understand how he inspires friendship and loyalty in the people around him.

The story is fast paced with plenty of action and magic. I loved the world-building. The story is set in our world where magic is real and commonplace. The ‘talents’ and ‘adepts’ are people who can use magic and are trained in Institutes around the world. Except for Switzerland where magic has been banned for centuries.

 The magical system isn’t particularly original but when embedded within a police procedural and heist story it takes a more interesting turn compared to other urban fantasies.

The secondary characters are well-drawn and interesting, especially Simeon, the Swiss Detective who helps out when he can.

 I would have like to know more about Bouchon and the Peerless’s motivations- the antagonists in the story as it is a little unclear and I do like my villains being a little more fleshed out.

I found the ending particularly heart-warming, and it did leave me with a bit of a smile.

Content warning

Description of sexual assault-off page


I’m not sure if this is the first book in the series but I hope there are more books featuring Jackson and his friends.

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