James the Third by Maggie Ballinger- Blog Tour and Book review

Have you ever wondered whether Britain would be any different if we had a King on the throne instead of Queen Elizabeth? Read my review of James the Third, historical fiction by Maggie Ballinger

Genre:: Historical fiction/Alternate History

Source : Random Things Tour

In 1936, the Duke of York unexpectedly became King George VI, and his ten-year-old daughter, Princess
Elizabeth, became heir presumptive. However, she was never heir apparent, because a male sibling would
automatically assume her place in the line of succession. So what would have happened upon the late arrival of a baby brother for the grown-up Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret?
James the Third tells that boy’s story. How does his reign unfold? He is clever, resourceful and unconventional− but can he alter the course of history, given the limited role of a constitutional monarch? Does he find true
love, or must he accept second best? And, with the births of his heirs, what does the House of Windsor look like now?


Have you ever wondered whether Britain would be any different if we had a King on the throne instead of Queen Elizabeth?
This book explores an alternate Britain where King George and his wife have a surprise baby boy, James, in their late forties changing the line of succession and the impact the has on the Royal family.

There are multiple points of view but can be broadly divided between the Royalty and Eustace a trusted advisor and Lil, a young woman from the East end of London. It was fascinating having these two viewpoints describing how important historical events impact both classes differently.
The author knows her stuff and I have to say I have learnt so much reading this book. The historical, legal and political information is woven beautifully into the story and if you wanted to know more ( which I definitely did) there were helpful notes at the end. Usually, footnotes or notes tend to be boring but James the Third is an exception.
The story starts before King George and his wife realise, they are about to have another baby and with the expectation that Princess Elizabeth will ascend to the throne. It becomes clear how antiquated the laws around succession were at this point when Princess Elizabeth has a baby brother who is now the heir apparent because he is a boy. This didn’t change till 2011!
I enjoyed reading the adventures of the fictional James the Third and his style of governing- his attempts to mingle among his people, his attempts to guide succession of prime ministers and to fulfil his expected role without scandal.
While the book focuses on James and Lil lives, it touches upon the real-life events of the monarchy in a sympathetic and non-sensational way. The love between Camilla and Charles and the impact of them not being able to be together is sensitivity told.
I received a copy of the book for a free, unbiased opinion
Perfect for Fans
Who enjoy reading about the Royal family

Maggie Ballinger was born in Crewe, brought up in South London and now lives
in Sheffield. She studied European History at the University of East Anglia and
later obtained an MA in International History from Birkbeck College, London.
Since retiring as a hospital manager, much of her time has been spent writing an
eclectic range of material. She is the author of Britannia’s Glory – A Maritime Story
(Uniform) and the illustrated children’s book Baa Baa Pink Shee

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