Son of York by Amy License- Book Review

I enjoyed reading Son of York by Amy License, historical fiction about the War or the Roses told from mainly from Edward’s perspective. Here is my review.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Series: House of York ( Book 1)

Source: Kindle Unlimited

 I was invited to read the second book of this series as part of a blog tour and couldn’t say no- I love reading books set in this period. I was particularly intrigued as the story was told from Edward’s perspective. Most of the books I have read so far have been from the women (eg Philipa Gregory’s White Princess).

The author does a good job of weaving the complex history and family trees that led to the Duke of York laying claim to the throne leading to the War of the Roses.

This is historical fiction, so there really are no spoilers or twists but I found unable to put the book down even though I knew what was going to happen.

 The book is well written and fast-paced even during the parts when politics and strategy were involved. The battles scenes were beautifully written and again I found myself unable to put the book down during these scenes to find out what happens (even though I knew perfectly well).

The book is mainly told from Edward’s perspective with additional scenes from his Father, The Duke of York, and his brother Edmund. Edward is a sympathetic character and his dilemma when making difficult decisions at a young age is well described. Edward’s reputation as a woman’s man is known but in this book, his romance with a local woman is sweet and heart-breaking.

Perfect for fans

Of Historical fiction like Phillipa Gregory who would like a different perspective on the War of Roses.


I look forward to reading Edward’s story after his coronation in the next book The York King.

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