36 Streets by T.R Napper- Book Review

I found this  sci-fi thriller set in Vietnam thought-provoking with its themes of identity, memory and the how changing the narratives of the past can change the present. Read my review of 36 Streets by T.R Napper,

Genre: Science Fiction/Cyperpunk

Source: Netgalley

Publication date 8 February 2022

Lin is a gangster living on the 36 Streets, the only part of Hanoi now controlled by China in the future.  She was born in Vietnam and now lives there but spent her childhood and teenage life in Australia. But she feels like an outsider, neither Australian nor Vietnamese.

One day her boss, Bao Nguyen, asks her to take the case of a missing person- the co-creator of the immersive and addiction game Fat Victory. As result, her life and the people she loves are changed forever when she is drawn into a complex conspiracy involving the powerful who will do anything to achieve their goals.


I received a copy of this book for a free, unbiased, honest opinion.

The cover hooked me in as did the promise of cyberpunk themes with thought-provoking questions set in a different setting. I haven’t read anything before set in Vietnam and this book didn’t disappoint. The author’s description of Vietnam in the future and the past are lush and vivid, especially the food Lin has delivered to her flat.

The tech in the book is explained well but not in too much detail to distract from the story. I appreciated how the author highlighted who spoke in English and who spoke in Vietnamese and what was translated.

In my opinion, the secondary characters added depth to the story and made Lin so much more bearable. I would have happily read more chapters from Bau’s point of view and he was intriguing with so many layers remained unpredictable to the end, and definitely my favourite in this book.

The plot races along with plenty of action, reveals and twists that made me want to keep reading.

The book did make me think about belonging and identity, Lin feels like an outsider, but it becomes clear as the book progresses that this perhaps might not be the case. Lin is a hard character to like but her actions are understandable given the context.

Content warning

There is a lot of violence and gore in the book. Threats of torture.

Perfect for fans

Who like fast-paced science fiction with large ideas.

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