January 2022 wrap up

Well, it has been a great start to the year. I signed up to two challenges this year – The historical fiction challenge and beat the backlog challenge. I’m pleased to say I have started to read the books sitting on my kindle for the last five years

Challenge update

Beat the Backlog Challenge

Historical Reading Challenge

Top Ten New Additions to my Book Collection

Top Ten New to Me authors I discovered in 2021

Netgalley eArcs

The Circus Infinite by Khan Wong ( due to be published in March 2022(

There aren’t a lot of Circus books set in outer space, so I was fascinated by The Circus Infinite by Khan Wong. This science fiction with an asexual hero and a huge range of vivid aliens (and humans) trying to take down the local gangster was a enjoyable and fun read.

The Age of Ash by Daniel Abraham ( due to be published in Feb 22)

A beautifully written fantasy with intrigue, action and unrequited love that also explores the impact of grief.

Obsidian by Sarah Daley ( review)

I couldn’t put this fantasy down- featuring an aptly named Lady Witch trying to raise a magical veil in a male dominated world. Read my review of Obsidian

Anatomy of a Heretic by David Mark (, review)

Historical thriller featuring the Duke of Buckingham’s spy and assassin whose mission in 1628 takes a strange and disturbing turn in Anatomy of a Heretic by David Marks.)

Book reviews

The Burning Chambers ( review )and City of Tears ( review) by Kate Mosse

Kate Mosse’s Burning Chambers series is full of romance, Intrigue, action, drama and historical detail- everything I love in historical fiction.

Absynthe by Brendon Bellecourt ( review)

I enjoyed this Art Deco, historical Science Fiction by Brendan Bellecourt in the alternate America of Absynthe, where reality isn’t what it seems.

The Red Monarch by Bella Ellis

The Bronte Sisters are amateur detectors and must help Anne’s friend save her missing husband and fight an evil crime lord, but can they survive the seedy underbelly of London. I loved this book and will post a review soon

Jane and the Year without Summer by Stepanie Barron ( review to be posted next month)

I loved this book where Jane Austen must solve a murder while taking the waters in Cheltenham featuring a set of intriguing yet annoying secondary characters.

The Rule of One by Ashley Saunders

This was a quick read for me but reading this YA book a few years after it was published makes me think this is less science fiction and more contemporary fiction

Choose me by Tess Gerritsen and Gary Braver

I figured out early on who the murderer was, but this book less about the murder and more about the impact of adultery.

Date with Malice by Julia Chapman

This was a my book group read of the month- a nice, cosy crime set in the Yorkshire dales with the requisite number of eccentric characters, feisty heroine and a good detective.

Series review

The Last Policeman by Ben Winters( revew)

A dystopian trilogy about a policeman who just wants to do his job despite the world ending

Published on Blog

Proper Scoundrels by Allie Therin (review)

This was an enjoyable historical paranormal romance which left me with that warm, feeling when I finished.

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