Beat the backlog challenge 2022


I saw this hastag challenge created by @owlbesatreading and thought I would try and clear a few of the books that I had sitting around. But imagine my shock when I found I had 48 books on my kindle- some from 2015. So, I have joined the challenge to reduce this number and will share the reviews on my blog or this page.. But to keep myself to task here are the list of books I have sitting on my kindle to be reviewed.

So here we go

To be read from backlog

Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman

Interference by Ameilie Antoine

So not a Hero by S J Delos

Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds

The Killer Collective by Barry Eisler

Blood for Blood by Victoria Selman

The rescue by Steven Konkoly

The Tower of the Living and Dying by Anna SmithSpark

Trance by Adam Southward

The Girl at the window by Rowan Coleman

Quantum by Patricia Cornwell

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Someone like me by M R Carrey

Cunk on Everything by Philomena Cunk

The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clack

Broken Angels by Richard Morgan

The Fifth season by N Jesmin

A little Hatred by Joe Abercrombie

The Fever King by Victoria Selman

Malice by John Gwynne

Jade City by Fonda Lee

Nophrek Gloss by Esra Hansen

Constance by Mathew Fitzsimmons

The Keeper of Happy Endings by Barbara Davis

Star Mother Charlie Holberg

Empire of the Sand by Tasha Suri

Drake by Peter McClean

The Poppy War by R L Kuang

The Dragon Republic by R l Kuang

The Unspoken name by A K Larkwood

The Unbroken by C L Clark

The Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb

Genome by Matt Ridley

The Raven Spell by Luanne Smith

Murder at Teal’s Pond by David Bushman

Choose me by Tess Gerristen

Obsidan Tower by Mellisa Carliso

Secret Stealers by Jane Helaman

To lie with Lions ( Dorothy Dunnett)

Perfectly Impossible by Elizabeth Topp

House of Earth and Blood by Sarah Maas

The likely resolutions of Olive Clack by Jane Riley

The Last Resort by Lisa Halliday


Choose me by Tess Gerristen

Burning Chamber by Kate Moss ( review)

The rule of one by Ashley Sanders

Updates/mini reviews

Beat the backlog January

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