October wrap up

Books and e ARCs received for review


Forging a Nightmare by Patricia A Jackson ( publication date 23 November 21)

I enjoyed this urban fantasy with featuring a diverse cast including a half-angel and half human FBI agent as well as a Nightmare, a damned marine. The biblical influences and the concept of Nightmares (a sort of creature formed from the souls of the damned) were new to me and I found this an original read.

Pretty Deadly by Kelsay Josund ( Publication date 26 October 21)

I enjoyed this Dark Fantasy starring a deadly Cinderella who doesn’t need a fairy godmother to help her get her man. This Cinderella will literally kill anyone standing in her way with her pretty, glass slippers and this is a version of Cinderella I prefer.

The Pickwick Murders by Heather Redmond ( publication date 26 October 21)- Read my review here

An enjoyable murder mystery featuring Kate Hogarth, Charles Dicken’s fiancé who must solve increasingly complex puzzles to prove his innocence. I struggled to figure out who the murderer was and I loved the author’s descriptions of Dickens’s London.

Obsidian by Sarah Haley ( publication date 22 January 2022)

Finally, a fantasy heroine who is refreshing pragmatic about her love life and won’t let it get in the way of her mission. The book has an interesting blood magic system and interesting heroine in Shade, Lady Witch, who must raise a magical veil to protect her people even though the price she must pay maybe her life.

Published books

Grace on the Horizon by Emma Lombard( review here)

The second book in The White Sails Series continues Grace and Seamus journey through life and on the high seas on an exploratory vessel. I enjoyed reading Grace’s struggles with being a wife and mother when her soul was made for adventure.

Books I have read that wasn’t given to me for review

Parting the Veil by Paulette Kennedy

A gothic romance with a slice of spooky ghostliness.

Eliza leaves New Orleans with her half-sister Lydia to settle in England in 1899 to claim her inheritance and to start a new life as an independent woman. She learns that she will only inherit her vast fortune if she marries within a few months and finds herself resented by the other women in her local circle who also seeking a husband. She meets Michael, her neighbour in Havenwood manor and marries him despite the many warnings she receives about him. She moves into Michael’s manor but can’t understand the change in her husband’s behaviour and who is the ghost that’s haunting her room.

The Foundling by Stacy Halls

I read this book for my reading group and found, this historical fiction a predictable read. A story of baby given up for adoption by a mother who can’t look after and her attempts to claim her back many years later from a wealthy family.

The Binding by Bridget Collins

An interesting premise and I hoped the fantasy elements would be more predominant, but this is more romance than fantasy. We follow Emmett  apprentice as a Binder, a person who is able to take people’s memories away an write them away in a book and his shock when he finds a book with his name on.

The Colorado Kid by Stephen King

This crime fiction wasn’t what I expected, especially the unresolved ending and the fact this was written by Stephen King. Who killed the Colorado Kid? Well, I still I don’t know!

The Midnight Man by Caroline Mitchell

I read this murder mystery quickly but while I enjoyed this it wasn’t one of my favourite reads.

The Goblin Emperor by Kathrine Addison

I enjoyed this fantasy of political intrigue despite the confusing names and occasional slow pace. Eighteen-year-old, Half Goblin outcast becomes emperor after his family dies and learns to navigate prejudice the dangerous world of the Imperial court.

Summon the Blood by RN Morris

The first book in the Silas Quinn books introduces my favourite detective as he solves a series of gruesome murders in the early 1900’s.


The Ringed Castle by Dorothy Dunnett( Review here)

The book after Pawn In Frankincense was always going to have a lot to live up to but this is still an amazing read. Lymond escapes to Russia with Guzel after the tragic chess game in Pawn Of Frankincense. Lymond and Guzel want to influence the Tsar in dragging Russia into modern times. Unfortunately, no matter how much he tries, Lymond can’t escape the people he left behind in England and Scotland, both family and foe, and finds his life in danger in the depths of Russia.

Checkmate by Dorothy Dunnett

The epic finale to the Lymond Chronicles. Will Lymond ever find out the truth about his parentage? Will he find happiness with the woman he loves? Will he ever be free from Margaret Lennox?

The Magicians

What if Narnia was real and discovered by a Grown-up Harry Potter?

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