Grace on the Horizon by Emma Lombard- Book review

Grace’s journey continues in Grace on the horizon, book 2 of the White Sails series by as she navigates life as the wife of an explorer in the 19th century in this intricate historical fiction Emma Lombard.

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I received a free copy of this ebook from the author in return for an unbiased and honest review.

Genre: Historical Fictions

Series: The White Sails Series

First Book: Discerning Grace ( review here)

Grace on the Horizon picks up three years after Discerning Grace. Grace and Seamus are settling into life as a married couple in London but there are problems. Grace finds herself excluded from high society and Seamus is struggling with this lack of progress in his Naval career as a result of the unfortunate events of the last book. So after a personal tragedy, they both jump at the chance of an expedition funded by the intriguing Hamilton. Hamilton convinces Seamus to take a priest on his ship to establish a mission elsewhere for a large sum of money but he hides the fact the priest is accused of murder from Grace.

I loved the fact Grace on the Horizon dives into Grace and Seamus’s happily ever after. Their love for each other still forms the heart of the story but the difficulties they face as a married couple are realistic and relatable.

The events of Discerning Grace are seamlessly blended into the first few chapters and the Gilly’s sister was particularly touching.

Grace has grown from a feisty, impulsive teenager into a mature woman who isn’t afraid to use her fists or her gun when she has to. You can understand why chooses the dangers of life on the seas over the stifling restrictions of high society, her class, and her gender.

I slipped back into the story comfortably especially with the reintroduction of characters from the first book. It was lovely reading about Billy, Jim, Admiral Baxter, and Toby and how they have fitted into Grace’s new life. A few of the strands from the first book are also followed through satisfyingly. Unfortunately, Silverton’s dark and looming presence continues to plague Grace and Seamus over the years.

The world-building continues to be intricate especially in its description of life on 19th century ship and the new colonies. The plot is fast-paced, with lots of action, drama and twists with many colourful secondary characters. The story doesn’t shy away away from the harsh reality of life in the colonies and the daily dangers faced.

Content warning

Descriptions of miscarriage, sexual assault, descriptions of the death of a child

Perfect for fans of

Outlander, or anyone who enjoys historical fiction with a strong female lead.


A wonderful sequel to Discerning Grace and can’t wait to see what Grace and Seamus does next.

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