September wrap up

September has been a month of cold and coughs which meant my usual running schedule has gone out the window to make way for more reading.


Another Beast’s skin by Jessika Glover

I enjoyed this story of a thirty something  year old discovering her fae heritage and how this changes her life. Due out in November.

The Dead in False Creek by Sarah Stephens ( Read review here)

I loved Dead of False Creek, by Sarah Stephen, a historical murder mystery with a twist. Can Riley in 2017 and Jack in 1897 work together to solve a murder?  Publication Date October 21.

Hoglets Magic Christmas by Lynette Creswell

A lovely picture book, perfect for reading with your little one snuggled under a blanket. Read my review here on Instagram.

Black Drop by Leonara Nattress

I couldn’t put this book down. A historical thriller set in 1794 featuring Laurence Jago, a reluctant spy addicted to  Black Drop, trying to survive in London on the edge of violence. Publication date October 21.


Discerning Grace by Emma Lombard, narrated by Siobhan Waring (Read my review)

I really enjoyed the audiobook, Discerning Grace the first book in the White Sails Series, by Emma Lombard ,featuring a feisty heroine navigating life on the sea and the stifling patriarchy in 19th Century society. Think Outlander meets a clean version of Black Sails.

My books I bought.

The Golden Key( Read my review)

I really enjoyed The Golden Key, by Marian Womack, a Gothic fantasy featuring a rationally minded heroine trying to solve the supernaturally tinged disappearance of three girls in 1901. This book has seances, mysteries, great characters, a suitably eerie atmosphere, creepy villains, feminism and other interesting things.

The Appeal by Janice Hallett

I have to confess, I didn’t like this book. I’m not sure why and can’t explain. I read this right to the end hoping for a change of heart given how much everyone seems to love this book.

The Old You by Louise Voss

A enjoyable psychological thriller with a morally grey lead.

The Body library by Jeff Noon ( Review here)

I didn’t enjoy this book about Storyville a place where you either write your story or become a character in someone elses, as much as I though I would. But it’s high level concept makes it worth reading.


Disorderly Knights- Dorothy Dunnett ( review here)

Lymond is persuaded to go to Malta to observe the Knights of Hospitallers and defend the island from the Turkish army. Once on Malta, he meets Graham Reid Mallet, a charismatic knight and finds himself embroiled in a leadership challenge, rescue attempts and fighting off the Turkish army. And this is just the first half of the book!

Pawn In Frankincense by Dorothy Dunnett ( review here)

This book follows on from the climax of The Disorderly Knights where Graham Mallett reveals that he has Lymond’s son by Oonagh stashed away in return for Graham’s ongoing survival. Lymond travels to the Ottoman empire to find his son while acting as a French ambassador but has numerous obstacles to face including a chess game that will not only seal his fate but also the people he cares about.

Series reviews

Dresden Files by Jim Butcher ( review here)

I have known Harry Dresden, from the urban fantasy series the Dresden files by Jim Butcher, longer than some of my closest friends. This series follows the adventures of urban wizard and his friends in Chicago.


Mrs Death misses Death by Salena Goddem

This was my book group’s August read but I couldn’t get past the first few pages.

What did you read or couldn’t finish in Sepetember?

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