The Expanse by S.A Corey- Series review

I can’t wait till the last book in The Expanse series by S.A Corey is due to be released in November . This is a series with space battles, political intrigue, alien tech, romance, dystopia, dictators, evil scientists and unique characters like my favourite foul-mouthed politician Chrisjen Avarsala.


Genre: Science fiction

First book: Levithan Rises  

Last book :Tiamat’s wrath

I’m embarrassed to say I started reading the books in this series after watching the first few episodes of the TV series.  I can’t believe I walked past these amazing books in bookshops that started me off reading space operas and harder science fiction.

The Expanse is set in the future where our Earth is overpopulated and Mars has been colonised but over the years the tensions between Mars and  Earth have reached a point where war could break out. The belt which lies between Mars and Earth has been established to service the ships travelling between the two planets but the Belters, the people who have adapted over generations to live in space resent Mars and Earth and are ready to revolt.

Amid all this simmering tension,  the Canterbury, an Icehauling ship is attacked setting off a chain of events and thrusts a crewmember, Holden, into the spotlight and into a hero the universe didn’t know it needed.

The good

There is so much going on in this series. Each book is different with various different characters having a POV along with Holden. The first book is focussed on the mystery of the disappearance of Julie Mao, another book deals with the establishment of a colony, another one deals with a terrorist attack among several other plots. And yes, there is romance, the kind that I like to read about- realistic, solid and without drama.

Holden, Naomi, Amos and Alex are the crew of the Rocinante and some of the most fascinating people I have ever read about. Holden, the initially naïve and idealist man from earth, Naomi is a more realistic belter, Amos, a criminal from Earth with no apparent feelings and Alex, a pilot from Mars slowly grow as people throughout the books. They are joined by other people on their ship but talking about them would be a major spoiler.

The books fit together seamlessly. It is clear the authors have plotted the overall story from start to finish and it is clear that there will be an end to the story, unlike some other fantasy series.

The bad

Nothing really, this is perhaps the most perfect series of books I have read.

The ugly

There are no trigger warnings I can think off

Overriding story arc

The overriding story and mystery through the books are about the protomolecule and the advanced Alien species behind its creation.

The TV series

There are definite differences in the tv show but it does follow the heart of the story of the books. The characters are also different become of some of the changes in the show- I like Holden in the TV show better but prefer Naomi from the books. Chisjen is more restrained in the tv show but the actress plays her with such passion and anger, it more than makes up for it especially when wearing those dramatic outfits. A few characters from the book have been combined like Drummer but this works better for the show.

 The special effects bring the story to life and this is one of the few TV shows which I feel is equal to the books.

Perfect for Fans

The Lunar trilogy by Ian McDonald or any science fiction set in space but I would recommend this book to any fantasy who loves well-plotted stories with strong characters.

The last book in the series is due to be released in November 21.

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