The Boy with Fire by Aparna Verma- Book Review

The Boy with Fire, by Aparna Verma, is science fiction fantasy at its best with a unique South-East Asian inspired world, lush descriptions and memorable characters with more than a hint of dubious morality. I will definitely be buying book two of the Ravence Trilogy.

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction
Release Date: 31/8/21
Publisher: New Degree Press
Series: Ravence Trilogy Book 1


Thank you to the Net Galley, the publisher and author for the eARC for an honest review.

This book caught my eye on Twitter, so I was excited when I was able to read the book ahead of its publication courtesy of Net Galley and I wasn’t disappointed.

Ravence is a desert kingdom in an uneasy truce with her neighbour Jantar, weighed down by its past and a prophecy that terrifies King Leo. Jassen is a half Ravani and half Jantari assassin who agrees to protect the King’s heir Elena until her coronation but Elena has her own secret too.

In my opinion, there aren’t enough science fiction fantasy books out there and this book reminded me why I love this little sub-genre so much. The author’s world-building is intricate and vivid with the technology seamlessly woven in with the fantastical elements of prophecy and magic. The prose becomes hypnotic towards the middle of the book and I could easily see this book on TV or the screen.

The story is told from the Point of View of Leo, Jassen and Elena. Elena is the heroine desperately trying to gain control of Fire and is your typical heroine but towards the end, she becomes so much more interesting. I always love morally grey women in books- they are so much more real and interesting. King Leo, however, is my guilty favourite- the author manages to make this despotic King sympathetic.

There is another character in the book that I feel should really have its own point of view given its presence throughout the book. The Ravani Fire is a malevolent presence lurking in the background of the book, pushing and influencing the characters but also, attacking and caressing them.

The romance is just right and doesn’t slow the story.

The pace is a little slow to start with particularly as there are a few scenes that felt repetitive but then it picks up towards the middle and races towards the end.

Content warning- Children die in this book.

Perfect for Fans

Anyone who loves Fantasy and accessible science fiction in non- European settings eg Bone Shard Daughter


Five stars- I will be buying the next book.

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