Book review- The House of Always by Jenn Lyons

Author :Jenn Lyons

Series: Chorus of Dragons ( Book 4)(Click here for series review)

Genre Fantasy

I have just finished reading the next thrilling instalment in the Chorus of Dragon series and it continues Kirhin’s and his friends’ story following the devastation in the final battle of the Memory of souls. Now, I can’t wait to read the next book to see how Kirhin’s story ends.


Kirhin engages in a continuous cat and mouse chase with Vol Karoth in the hope he can make the monster whole again but also to keep his friends and family safe and hopefully safe the world. Will Kirhin succeed or will the people who love him lose him forever?

The good

The book starts where the third book in this series, House of Always, ends just after Kirhin is stabbed by Talon in a desperate attempt to fix Vol Karoth. As with the other books in this series, there are multiple viewpoints from several characters over several periods before neatly converging into one. It was great to find out more about Galen, Xivan, Talea and Kalinda in their own right and not just their connections to Kirihin. Thurishavar has more to do than be just a narrator and Qown gets his chance to redeem himself. There are some lovely and not so lovely relationships between many of these characters. The relationships between the main players are unconventional particularly the polyamorous relationship between Kirhin, Teraaeth and Yanel and I found myself rooting for all of them to work out.

The action never stops and the pacing is much better in this book than the last book with scenes of action, romance, and introspection well balanced out. Jenn Lyons’ prose brings Kirhin’s world to life with vivid descriptions of the food, clothes, people and it is so easy to lose yourself in this world. I wasn’t expecting the final outcome at the end and was pleased that I can still be surprised at the end of a book

( as I seem to spend most of my time guessing what the twist/denouement is going to be).

As with the other books in this series, there is plenty of diversity- not just sexual and racial diversity but also gender and( could I call it? )species diversity- not all the characters are human. How did I miss Janel’s distinctive colouring in the other books?

The plot is complex and the narrative structure is linear but complicated and you do need to focus to take everything in with so many secrets, betrayals and desires are revealed in the most public of ways to all the main characters.

Kirhin remains one of my favourite characters and  I like how his story doesn’t follow the usual chosen one trope and his constant battle to keep Vol Karoth from harming his friends was riveting. I secretly adore Talon and her devious ways and we learn a little more about her slightly softer side in this book

The bad

Not much. Janel is a lot less irritating but possibly because there are so many characters to take the focus away from her. There is a bit of romantic angst in some of the relationships and there is a scene between Xivan and Talea that made me queasy. The focus is on the younger characters in this book but I missed Khaeriel, Therin, Thaena and the other older characters from the last book

The ugly

A certain scene between Talea and Xivan made me uncomfortable, and I really couldn’t see the point of it.


There is lots and lots of romance and complicated relationships in wonderfully diverse ways.

Any cliffhangers

The main story is resolved but the overall arc needs to be resolved.


5 stars, it’s going to be a long wait for the final instalment

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