Series review- Fetch Phillips

Type :  Urban Fantasy

Author :Luke Arnold

Books ( in order)

Last smile in Sunder City ( review here)

Dead Man in a Ditch (review here)

Overriding story arch of series

Six years ago in Archetellos, humans caused the Coda an event leading to magic dying and as a result the world has changed with magical creatures struggling to survive in this new world. Fetch Phillips, a human private detective is trying to survive in Sunder City along with all the other non-humans in a post Coda world. But Fetch has a guilty secret- he caused the Coda.

Main Character

Fetch Phillips is cynical ,decrepit ,shambles of a man with a grudging sense of humour trying to redeem himself with limited success. The book is written in the first person, so we have an intimate of view of his thoughts. He is a likeable character and there were a few times I laughed at some of Fetch descriptions of events. The author Luke Arnold played Long John Silver, in the amazing Black Sails ,so I can’t help imagining Fetch looking a bit like a  pirate down on his luck.


There is a love story of sorts but you know straight off these are two lovers who won’t be walking into the sunset.

Any Cliff-hangers

None. Each book’s individual story  is resolved by the end of the book.

Perfect for:

Fans of the Rivers of London ( Ben Aaronovitch) and Dresden files (Jim Butcher) .

Would I read the whole series?

Yes. There are only two books so far but  I’m looking forward to the next book.


Five stars

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